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Streamline Your Math Strategy Workshop

~ Coaches & Instructional Leaders ~

Want to feel clear and confident in your math improvement strategy AND have an aligned plan for teacher growth?

 With this workshop series, I'll help you...

  • draft a vision for strong math instruction and engage your team to create a shared vision
  • ​narrow in on 2-3 priorities to move the needle with student understanding in math
  • ​decide how you'll embed your key priorities in a daily lesson planning process + support pacing
  • ​create a professional learning plan that will ensure your *team* has the tools they need ensure every student is successful in math

<< Watch the short, self-paced trainings, capture your ideas, and take action with the clarity you need to achieve your vision. >>


  • 2 things that are more important than what your vision says
  • ​​my favorite resources for vision-setting inspiration + 4 approaches to get a draft done in less than 10 min
  • ​my 3 go-to priorities, that you can adopt for yourself, when working with math educators
  • ​a BIG mistake leaders make around lesson planning (plus which "planning hills" I'd die on and which ones I wouldn't)
  • ​the #1 way to get ahead of pacing challenges + how to keep on top of it throughout the year
  • ​benefits (and drawbacks) of the three professional learning "buckets" 
  • ​3 things you need to *win* the PL game

all for the accessible price of ~ $27 ~


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